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Chinese Drywall

Researching and rectifying the many problems and ways to go about reconstruction of the homes with Chinese Drywall problems that were built between 2004 and 2007 is a major undertaking for any company. However, Aronson Estates Development Corp. wants to rid this problem in as many homes as possible within a short period of time! The professional architect of Aronson Estates desires to accomplish and fulfill a dream so everyone now occupying an unsafe home will not have to be in one for long! He wants to see all homes safe for all residences.

He realizes his company cannot accomplish the remedying of the problem overnight or alone, he has done extensive research and finds there are many avenues that can be taken to find those who are in need of his experience, education, know-how and tenacity to take on the projects and get them done. He has put together a team of professional subcontractors that are ready for the task!

It is not only important for Aronson Estates to recreate safe homes from those which seem impossible to fix, but to reconstruct them to be “green”; clean, well-designed and with efficient climate control systems that correctly balance air pressure of homes, preventing mold, mildew, entry of pollen, dust and other contaminants. These homes will be built with natural and safe materials and be easier to clean and free of contaminants. A “positive” in a green design and construction is choosing materials made from renewable resources, unlike Chinese Drywall previously used, made from pollutants and destructive chemicals.

To rid a home of Chinese Drywall entails a great amount of time and labor, but results in a newer and safer home. The task is to not only rid the home of unsafe contaminants, but to redevelop a home to be perfect for living, raising a healthy family and entertaining.

Aronson Estates will recreate your currently unsafe homes with safe materials, greater ventilation and not as “compact” as homes that have been built before. Circulation of fresh air to flow freely throughout the environment will cause you to breathe better and experience less poor health issues. In turn, air will be kept constantly circulating and you will notice no mold and mildew building up in your structure.

This venture will take work and time, but Aronson Estates Development Corp. can assure you they should be your only choice for a professional service company for your important project – your valued possession – your home!